Hair Extensions

Professional hair extensions are a form of art. They are undetectable to untrained eye, feel and move like your own hair and most importantly, with the right care, do not damage natural hair.


Keratin Bounds

Speak Volumes uses keratin-based bonding for its keratin-bonded extensions. Keratin is a natural protein component of your hair, skin and nails. Again, many technicians claim to use keratin bonding, while in reality they use damaging bonding agents, commonly called ‘glue’ amongst those with horrid hair extensions stories. Using keratin-based bonding ensures your hair stays safe under the bond, letting it grow healthy and leaving no damage behind after removal.

Keratin bonding is heated up on the side, and then hand-rolled into smooth rice-grain shape in your hair. This technique is especially advisable for hair that is fine, fragile and breaks easily as keratin is flexible and allows complete control over the size of extensions in particular sections of the hair.


Micro-ring extensions are a more mechanical method of extending the hair. Neat sections of natural hair are pulled through a metal ring with a hook, which is then flattened trapping both, natural and hair extensions hair. Most people offering this technique use pre-packaged already pre-bonded extensions hair which are all the same weight and come in a range of colours available from manufacturers. Speak Volumes blends and pre-bonds its micro-ring extensions on your appointment to ensure that spot—on colour match and weight distribution adequate to the strength of your natural hair. Removal consists of opening up the ring and combing out the tangles and natural shedding formed above the bond during 3 months of wear.


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